Practice the Meta Model, Milton Model and Mind Lines Patterns with NLP Coach

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Practice the Meta Model, Milton Model and Mind Lines Patterns with NLP CoachClick Image To Visit SiteThis report will show you How you can learn about, and practice: the skills of NLP and Hypnosis; whilst you’re sitting at home playing with your computer…

So get set for an illuminating ride, because if any of these ideas interest you, then I know you’ll be excited with what I have to show you…

When I first started buying NLP books some twenty five years ago, I was so excited: Here were these two guys who were setting the world on fire with their ideas. I loved it. I wanted to do the same, so I bought every NLP book I could lay my hands on;

But even though I understood the ideas, and could talk for hours about the subject, I still couldn’t do it. Not like my two “Hero’s” could. So I kept buying the books…

In the end, I got frustrated with my lack of progress, and finally realized I’d have to go on an NLP training course:

I booked in for a Two Day Introduction to NLP… And although a little nervous when it started,

It wasn’t long after completing my two-day intro I realized that I didn’t have the confidence to use the skills in the same way we used them in the training room…

But now 22 years on: I know for myself as a training provider, the design of NLP training courses, even 25 day long courses, simply doesn’t have enough time to practice all of the NLP skills up to the level of expert:

The Conclusion I drew from my own experience was that: The books are fascinating but they don’t give you any practice, and even the great NLP videos, which are captivating to watch, still don’t give you the… Read more…

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