Whoever Made This Ice Cream Sandwich With Bacon Is A Genius

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Now and then, we come across a food concoction that’s just too obscure not to share.

Take the Bacon Weave Ice Cream Sandwich, for example. How does this even exist?

You can thank Nick Chipman over at the Dude Foods blog for this one! The food blogger, known for his insane food-porn creations, took two of the best foods in the world and put them in one snack.

I mean, where would the world be without bacon and ice cream? Nowhere.

The only thing a bit more interesting than this sandwich is the way it was prepared. Chipman used a saw to cut the ice cream. If that’s not extreme cooking, we’re not sure what is.

In a blog post describing how the Bacon Weave Ice Cream Sandwich came about, Chipman says:

It’s a bummer that summer is over because if it was still 80 degrees outside here in Milwaukee I’d be eating these every goddamn day.

It’s simple — weave together a few strips of bacon, fry it, cut your ice cream into patties and place two bacon weaves on each side of the ice cream patty.

Check out the photos below for a closer look at what you’ll need to craft this concoction!

You’ll need bacon…


You’ll need some ice cream (and a saw if you’re fearless)…


And you’ll end up with this masterpiece:


H/T: Food Beast, Photos Courtesy: Dude Foods

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