This Amazing Robot Will Kick Your Ass In A Game Of Beer Pong (Video)

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We live in a world in which pizza gets delivered by drone, clothing can act as a personal bodyguard and hoverboards actually exist.

Suffice it to say, we’re living in the damn future.

So it should come as no surprise that task-performing, functional robots exist — as futuristic and crazy as that may sound.

Of course, you’d imagine these robots would perform useful tasks, like, I don’t know, cleaning. But one Boston-based company, Empire Robotics, dreamed up a new use for the metal men — and it’s definitely unexpected.

The robot, named Versaball, plays beer pong.

To be fair, that’s not all it does: According to Empire Robotics, the machine can also perform tasks like changing light bulbs.

But its coolest ability is (arguably) its least useful one: The ability to sink a ping pong ball in a plastic cup of beer.

The Versaball uses a suction function to pick up objects, which it holds with the help of a vacuum-like seal. To throw, the robot shoots air into (or at) the object, propelling it forward.

On average, according to the company’s product manager John Dean, the robot will sink 80 percent of the shots it takes. Drink up!

Because of the Versaball’s ability to firmly grip objects small and large, cofounder John Amend hopes to make it commercially available for use in product manufacturing and packaging.

Still, the beer pong factor is a draw for many, if for no reason other than entertainment.

On Tuesday, the Versaball will compete against the defending champion of the World Series of Beer Pong in a six-cup dry game to see if human or machine will prevail.

In addition, the Versaball’s pong prowess will be displayed over the next three days at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

See a video of the ridiculous robot up top — and if you’re interested in learning more, head to Empire Robotics’ website for a full run-down.

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