Who Is The Antichrist

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Who Is The AntichristClick Image To Visit SiteWARNING: When we released Antichrist Identity I-III, 15 times we had to convince our service provider not to shut down our website because of numerous complaints they had received. With the Antichrist Identity V don’t be surprised if this website is not here tomorrow.

My name is Mel Sanger, the author of this eagerly awaited, new unique release called the Antichrist Identity V. The research for this new publication is based on 24 months of study. You may not be aware but this publication was supposed to have been launched some time ago. Unfortunately halfway through writing this report I became seriously ill and was advised by the doctors because of my medical condition to take early retirement.

However against their advice and the advice of many I decided to continue the completion of this project as I just wasn’t able to live with myself knowing that I was unable to complete this project, especially at a time which is one of the most critical phases in the development of the antichrist new world order and one world government.

So I am thankful that this report is now complete and ready for you to download, but first I wanted to ask you something.

When you see the world tops scientists coming together on a major project to achieve the goal of having the ability to transfer the spirit (consciousness) of a human being to another human body do you simply shrug your shoulders and think this has no relevance. Furthermore with the EU committing hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the Human Brain Project is there any significance to this? Do you believe that major developments such as the Arab Spring (i.e. the revolutions taking place across the Arab world like Libya, Egypt etc), the absolute chaos… Read more…

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