Facebook And Apple Are Paying Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs

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Tech giants Facebook and Apple have begun enabling their female employees to freeze their eggs in a process that’s only recently had its “experimental” label removed.

Freezing eggs costs about $10,000 per round, with an additional $500 to $1,000 in maintenance each year.

Both Facebook and Apple provide a stipend of $20,000 per year as part of their updated medical coverage. Facebook began covering the procedure in January, and Apple’s will go into effect this winter.

While youthful, frozen eggs are a way to preserve the possibility of pregnancy later in life, experts say they’re not guaranteed to provide a child. They contain the same likelihood of pregnancy as an actual, early-20s woman’s eggs would. Once thawed, the eggs are used for in vitro fertilization.

The process was originally intended to support female cancer patients undergoing radiation. With frozen eggs, the woman could be sure there was a chance for children even after treatment.

In this case, however, the preventative measure is a way for female employees to plan out their careers and maximize their time at work.

Many are hailing this as the beginning of a “level playing field” for men and women in the tech industry. Whether or not these benefits are a ploy by companies to keep their powerhouse employees, it’s the woman’s choice.

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