Man Claims TSA Agents Unscrewed Urn And Spilled Mother’s Ashes In His Suitcase

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A Cleveland man is suing the TSA for failing to secure the lid of an urn after inspection, which caused his mother’s ashes to spill all over his luggage.

Shannon Thomas intended to take his mother’s ashes to Puerto Rico two years ago, so he could lay her to rest in the Caribbean Sea.

But when he opened his suitcase, her ashes were spread inside.

The $750,000 suit filed last Thursday claims TSA agents “negligently, carelessly, and recklessly replaced the lid of the urn, placed a bag inspection notice in Plaintiff’s suitcase, and sent the bag on its way,” according to the New York Daily News.

The lawsuit suggests that the agents might have been aware of their mistake because they left a notice of inspection. They never apologized if they did treat his mother’s ashes so disrespectfully, though.

Thomas said in the suit,

No person speaking on behalf of the United States or TSA has ever issued an apology, explanation, or notification to Plaintiff aside from the bag search notice.

While all urns will be searched using the usual screening machines, the Daily News reports, TSA guidelines clearly state that agents are not allowed to open them.

via New York Daily News, Photo Courtesy: Attorney/Daily News 

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