George Clooney And Amal Are Donating Their Wedding Photo Money To Charity

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin just got married.

The wedding, which took place in Venice, Italy, was incredibly secretive and Clooney took the necessary precautions to make sure there were no leaked photos from the event.

Initially, it seemed as if he took such stringent measures because of lucrative deals he struck with People in the US and HELLO! in the UK for the right to print the photos. That part may still be true, but it wasn’t greed fueling Clooney’s desire for control.

It was charity. That’s right. Clooney and Amal donated all the money they made from the magazines to a number of human rights charities.

One of those charities is Not On Our Watch and another is the Satellite Sentinel Project, which is meant to protect the people of Sudan from the horror of war crimes.

It’s great to hear that Clooney and his new bride are so charitable. Keep it up, you two.

H/T: The Mirror, Photo Credit: WENN

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