First-Time Flier Opens Emergency Exit To Get Some Air Before Takeoff (Photos)

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A Chinese man taking his first trip on an airplane opened an emergency exit just as the aircraft was about to take off.

The middle-aged passenger aboard Sunday’s flight from one Chinese province to another told crew members as he stuck his head out of the opening that he merely wanted to “get some fresh air,” according to the South China Morning Post.

An inflatable slide would have deployed had the door not been right above one of the wings.

In this case, however, maintenance workers were able simply to secure the door. The flight managed to take off on time, but not before Xiamen Airline flight attendants transferred the man to another seat, far away from the exit.

They said they had never seen anyone do anything like this before, but ultimately decided not to punish him.

A crew member said,

It was his first travel by air. He did not cause delay or any other direct loss to the airline.

The incident comes just days after a Chinese man pushed open an emergency door as his plane was preparing to let passengers exit solely because he couldn’t wait any longer.



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