Mother Films One Second A Day For Entire Year In Amazing Music Video

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After receiving a GoPro camera as a gift from her mother, photographer Fally Afani launched an ambitious, year-long project, in which she’d film a second-long snippet from her life in Lawrence, KS, every day for one year.

Upon completion, Afani compiled all of the footage into a documentary-style music video, which she aptly titled “Just A Sec,” a nod to the second-long clips that serve as the foundation of the project.

Afani explains,

The video is not only a snapshot of my career as a photographer and life as a mother, but it’s also a look at life in Lawrence.

Much of the video focuses on the thriving art scene in the college town, which Afani affectionately calls “a haven for musicians.”

The remainder of the footage focuses on the photographer’s energetic 4-year-old daughter, Layla.

Reflecting on the completed project, Afani concludes,

I’m hoping that when someone watches this video, they’re aware of how many hours there are in a day and that a year can bring so much possibility.

Though composed of only second-long clips, the completed video is incredibly intimate and just as inspiring as Afani hoped it would be.

Check out “Just A Sec” above, and if you’re interested, you can find more of Afani’s work on her Tumblr page.

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