A Mathematician Actually Figured Out Why All Hipsters Look The Same

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They pride themselves on being different yet there are so many of them that they all end up looking alike.

It shouldn’t happen since they seem to be making a conscious effort to avoid resembling the majority, but it does.

It happens so often that hipsters seem to be unknowingly following a pattern in which every “rebellious” thing they do will eventually become just another trend.

Many have long thought this to be the case, but now there is proof and a logical explanation thanks to Jonathan Touboul, a mathematical neuroscientist at the Collège de France in Paris.

Touboul’s paper, The Hipster Effect: When Anticonformists All Look the Same, incorporates a series of complex formulas to conclude that a hipster maintaining his or her individuality is an utter impossibility.

Touboul writes,

If you take large sets of interacting individuals — whether hipsters, stock traders or any group that decides to go against the majority — by trying to be different, they will ultimately all do the same thing at the same time. The reason for that is the time it takes for an individual to register the decisions of others. You cannot be aware of what other people decide in real time, it takes a little while.

There simply isn’t enough time for a single hipster to predict and adapt to mainstream trends before fellow hipsters have caught on and made similar choices.

So for a hipster to actually be as individualistic as he or she intends, that person would have to be in a constant state of change, never settling into a specific style.

According to Vocativ, Touboul chose to embark on this phenomenon because hipsters are a representation of how things that should reflect the majority instead do the opposite.

His study ultimately found that the only people you can truly differentiate your style from are those you see on a regular basis, like a roommate or coworker.

Trying to debut a completely unique idea at a party with unknown guests, on the other hand, is exceedingly more difficult.

Now that they have been outed by science, there’s only thing that needs to be done before the hipster movement is over for good.

And that’s up to you, ladies: Please, for the love of all that is good and decent, stop glorifying man buns and bushy beards.

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