Jen Aniston Reminds Us She Had A Bare-Butt Magazine Cover Before Kim K

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Jennifer Aniston_elitedailyJennifer Aniston_elitedaily

Kim Kardashian attempted to break the Internet with her butt-baring Paper magazine cover.

But, this sort of thing isn’t exactly original. In fact, Jennifer Aniston had a bootylicious magazine cover of her own back in 1996.

Aniston was on the cover of Rolling Stone and exposed some of her behind for the whole world to see. Of course, this was before social media and virality were really a thing. Aniston told Extra,

That was just innocent. There’s nothing aggressive about that. I was an original, all right? Sorry, Kim K…

Aniston’s cover is definitely more subtle than Kardashian’s, not that there’s anything particularly subtle about showing your butt crack on the front of a nationally circulated magazine.

Anyway, here’s the cover for old time’s sake:


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