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Join New York Times Best Selling Author & Star Of The Secret John Assaraf In This Month’s Mindvalley Academy Masterclass And Discover How You Too Can
Win The Inner Game Of Money… FAST

What You’re Going To Discover In This Masterclass Is Like A Switch That When You Flip Will “Force” You to Think, Act & Behave Like A Happy, Passionate
Multi-Millionaire Overnight…

In this 60-min Masterclass, you will discover…

The light-years-ahead “Neuro-Retraining” technology developed by John Assaraf and Mark Waldman that’ll install in you the beliefs, habits, and actions of a happy,
passionate multi-millionaire — FAST!

Experience LIVE — the Beliefs & Habits Generator Neuro-Retraining audio technology and take home with you a powerful subconscious mechanism to tap into the
infinite beliefs bank of the universe.

Why what we know about the Mind, Money, and the Law of Attraction is as obsolete as the notion of a “Flat Earth” back in the 16th century. (This makes Napoleon
Hill’s stuff look “elementary school.”)

The #1 mistake most abundance seekers get trapped in — and the S.E.M.P. method to overcome it. This little shift took John from being a street kid to earning
millions in just 3-4 years.

Subconscious patterns of the super-rich — and how to transfer them to your brain without the filters of the conscious mind. (Studies show this can increase your
income by 200%-­300%.)

A little known secret to crush that Yo-Yo pattern in your wealth-making effort… so you can have finally make predictable, rapid progress on your financial goals like

How to leverage on Neuro-plasticity and Neuro-imprinting, two most crucial concepts for Deliberate Conscious Evolution — this is the same natural methods babies
uses to learn to crawl, walk and eat.

And so much more…

Join Now And Discover The Secrets To Pushing Your Money “Set Point” Up In A Mere Matter Of Days

This masterclass is absolutely FREE and takes place on Tuesday, June 9, 2015.

Choose your preferred session to attend:

US & Asia: Tuesday, June 9th, 6PM Pacific Time

Europe: Tuesday, June 9th, 7PM London Time

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