Disabled Tortoise Has Its Life Changed With A Custom Lego Wheelchair (Video)

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Blade is just a tiny tortoise living in an enormous world.

Life is challenging for Blade, who was born with a growth disorder making him unable to move normally or balance his body weight solely on his legs.

But, the lucky tortoise fell into the hands of crafty veterinarian Dr. Carsten Plischke.

He made the little guy a custom wheelchair using Lego bricks glued to the bottom of his shell, enabling him to peacefully roll along doing tortoise things.

As Blade grows, his limbs will pick up strength. At that point, the vet plans to dissolve the glue and remove the Lego support system, giving Blade free movement of his own volition.

Blade’s owner, Iris Peste, is happy to see her little man moving without a struggle.

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