Uh Oh: Wine ‘Mouth Spray’ Lets You Get A Secret Fix Anywhere, Anytime (Photos)

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Drinking on the job is, sadly, looked down upon in most offices, despite the fact that a (boozy) midday pick-me-up would probably improve most employees’ morale.

Well, one company based out of Vilnius, Lithuania, figuratively said “to hell with the rules!” and created an ingenious product that lets users discreetly get their necessary dose of alcohol, perfect for on-the-job use.

At first glance, the floral spray bottle looks like it would house perfume or air freshener.

But savvy users know that the bottle contains wine — beaujolais wine, to be specific — so users can get a quick shot of the sweet stuff.

Secret sipping isn’t the only benefit of the spray bottle packaging.

The company explains,

It’s not only the way to hide your alcohol conveniently, but also helps to rediscover the best part of beaujolais wine — its distinctive smell which reminds you of freshly picked flowers. That’s why you would keep your mouth open for this wine ([and] that’s why we called it ‘Bouche bée,’ which is French for ‘mouth wide open’).

In reality, stashing your alcohol in secret places is trademark alcoholic behavior, which isn’t something to joke about. But if the product truly improves the wine-tasting experience, then we’re totally on board.

The pretty floral packaging is an homage to the wine’s signature scent.


The packaging is removable if you’d prefer a more discreet spray bottle.


It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.


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