Blind Man Looking For Someone To Read To Him Gets Flooded With Offers

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One blind man in London placed a simple request in two local bookstore windows. He wanted someone to read to him.

In just a few days, 34-year-old Andrew Bailey was inundated with responses. Fellow Londoner, Dec Munro, tweeted an image of the note, and it was then retweeted 1,500 times within two days under the hashtag #ReaderWanted.

Bailey suffers from a degenerative neuro-muscular disorder called Friedreich’s ataxia.

He’s been in a wheelchair since age 11, and currently has 24-hour caretakers at his home. Because Bailey has trouble both hearing and speaking, it’s difficult for him to socialize.

Bailey’s notes, written by his caretaker Bradley Baxter-Hassell, simply explain that, since losing his vision 15 years ago, he’s greatly missed the joy that comes with reading.


He asks for a volunteer or paid employee to read to him several times a week.

Bailey wants to hear the stories of Dickens, Jodi Picoult and over 100 other authors. He says audio books often seem “robotic,” not accurately mimicking the way a real person reads.

Bailey told the BBC that the overwhelming response has given him hope.

There are many, many people out there willing to read to me and it’s very reassuring. It makes me feel very good, really. There are nice people out there.

While Bailey hasn’t officially selected readers yet, many have expressed concern at his willingness to let strangers into his home.

They suggest he use a charity service instead, to ensure that background checks have been made.

H/T: BBC, Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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