Genius Invention Will Cure Your Need To Have Your Phone In Your Hand At All Times

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If you can’t master the will to unclench your fingers from around your smartphone, you have a problem. The NoPhone is here to help.

Creators of the NoPhone, currently accepting donations through a Kickstarter page, have proposed a 3D, tech-free phone surrogate.

The shiny black rectangle is reminiscent of a sleek Android or iPhone, but has all the value of a paperweight.

If you compulsively need to feel your phone in your hand, the NoPhone can be a substitute. It’s an appropriately heavy weight in your pocket or purse, letting you feel a phone without actually enabling you to use one.

The NoPhone Kickstarter page jokes,

Never again experience the unsettling feeling of flesh on flesh when closing your hand.

The tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter is packed with reviews from beta testers who have given up drunk texting exes in favor of making eye contact for the first time in years.

The NoPhone also includes a selfie feature — users can stick a mirror to their phone and look at the person walking behind them.

And while the Dutch and American entrepreneurs behind NoPhone clearly have a good sense of humor, they’re still receiving donations. They’ve raised nearly $3,000 so far.







H/T: CNBC, Photos Courtesy: NoPhone

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