An Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Is Being Sold For $86,000 On eBay (Photos)

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People everywhere can’t get enough of the new iPhone 6, despite the fact it bends and apparently, pulls your hair out.

The overall obsession with Apple’s latest iPhone is evident, thanks to this eBay post we came across. Someone is selling a iPhone 6 prototype for $86,000.

A bunch of images showing the factory testing iOS used by Apple during the product’s early stages came along with the post.

According to Gizmodo, the California-based seller of the phone is stating that Verizon accidentally sent them the iPhone 6 prototype.

Despite the fact the seller doesn’t even know if the phone can perform simple tasks, such as taking or making phone calls, more than 140 bidders have approached the sale and are clearly willing to take a risk with their money.

There’s also a chance Apple may get wind of this sale and disable the device with the click of a button.

So far, there’s been no word on whether or not this iPhone 6 prototype is actually legit.

Check out the photos below for a closer look! What’s your call?








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H/T: Gizmodo, Photos Courtesy: eBay

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