Saudi Arabia Will Be Rewarding Its Best Teachers With Luxury Cars

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Saudi Arabia may have found the winning strategy to achieving high academic performance, as the country will now be rewarding its best educators with lavish prizes.

According to Arabian Business, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education recently declared that the most distinguished teachers, administrators and academic advisors will be given luxury cars like BMWs and as much as $32,000 in cash.

An unspecified award will also be given to the brightest students in the country.

A ministry official said the prizes were announced as motivation for those in the education industry.

He said,

This confirms the ministry’s commitment to students and education in general. The awarding of BMWs should be a great motivation for people working in the field.

He added that some of the winners have already been chosen.

The official did not, however, even address what would happen if one of the winners is female, as women are not allowed to obtain driver’s licenses in the wealthy and notoriously conservative nation.

via Arabian Business, Photo Courtesy: Dejan Sokolovski

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