Clueless-Looking Old White Guy Absolutely Crushes Dance To ‘Push It’ (Video)

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I do what I can in my daily life to be as accepting and open-minded as I possibly can, and even though I make a conscious effort to avoid being prejudicial, I’ll be the first person to admit that I sometimes judge people based on things I probably shouldn’t.

For example, when I started watching this video, I saw an old, white man with high-waisted pants covering up some sort of fatty mass in his pelvic area and started to make all kinds of assumptions.

I saw him on a dance floor and heard “Push It” playing in the background, and assumed I was about to watch someone embarrass themselves.

It turns out I’m the one who should be embarrassed because this guy put on an absolute clinic on the dance floor. I can’t believe I ever doubted him in the first place.

That’s the last time I judge a man based on the color of his skin.

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