Your Childhood Will Be Ruined When You Realized Just How Creepy Bop It Is (Video)

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Bop It is a decidedly penis-shaped toy that parents willingly buy for their children despite the fact that it instructs them to do things like “pull it” and “twist it,” making it one of the most profitable practical jokes ever pulled on the world.

I have’t Bopped in a few years, but I know that over time, Hasbro has released newer versions with more appendages and (I assume) even more sexual innuendo.

I don’t know if they’ve made a Bop It that can respond to the gentle caress of a human touch, but given how fast technology is advancing, it’s only a matter of time.

Winston Comedy envisioned a world where Bop It has become borderline sentient, and the toy is about as perverted as you’d expect. The only way to win this game is never to play at all.

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