There’s A Lot To Love About Sufjan Stevens’ Electronic Supergroup

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Sufjan Stevens and hip-hop guys Son Lux and Serengeti have come together to make a catchy, moving album.

1. Sisyphus is the collaborative project from perennially beloved indie artist Sufjan Stevens and underground hip-hop vets Son Lux and Serengeti.

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Their new self-titled album brings together the glitchy instrumentation Stevens experimented with on his album Age of Adz and Sun Lux’s frenetic beats. Serengeti, a rapper versatile enough to handle music this nuts, does the vocals. The result is an accessible, emotional listen.

2. Stevens and Serengeti first got together in 2009 on “Blood Pt. 2,” a remix from Buck 65, on the compilation Dark Was the Night. You could tell the artists had a lot of chemistry together.

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3. The same three artists worked together again in 2012 under the moniker s/s/s and released the album Beak and Claw.

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4. This new Sisyphus album shifts towards a denser sound than that previous effort. There are erratic, fun tracks, like “Booty Call”:

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5. And atmospheric, vulnerable ones, like “Hardly Hanging On.”

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6. All three of the Sisyphus guys are talented artists, but in coming together, they’ve managed to create something wholly new and interesting.

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There's A Lot To Love About Sufjan Stevens' Electronic Supergroup

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