Where Should You Live In Canada?

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Because we’ve all threatened to move there at some point.

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Where Should You Live In Canada?

  1. You got: DUMMY
  2. You got: Yukon

    You kinda need to be a badass to live in the Yukon – it’s mostly arctic or subarctic, and it’s mostly sprawling, unspoiled wilderness. You’d also have to get used to living in a place where days in the winter are quite short, and daylight on summer days last up to 20 hours. But if you’re the kind of person who loves nature, solitude, and adventure, it’s an amazing place to be.

    Vincent Lock / Via Flickr: 27630470@N03

  3. You got: Northwest Territories

    The Northwest Territories is the most populated part of Canada’s three northern territories, and home to its largest city, Yellowknife. But outside of that context, “populated” and “city” aren’t words you’d normally associate with a vast region that is split between subarctic and polar climates. You need to be brave to live in a place like this, and OK with the cold. If you want love nature, solitude, and adventure, you will find a lot to like here.

    Mike Beauregard / Via Flickr: 31856336@N03

  4. You got: New Brunswick

    New Brunswick is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and the only province aside from Quebec where French is widely spoken. Like the other Maritime provinces, it’s rather mellow and quaint, and full of pristine nature, small towns, and gorgeous beaches.

    New Brunswick Tourism / Via Flickr: tourismnewbrunswick

  5. You got: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Newfoundland and Labrador – two distinct regions, but one province – is on the most easterly edge of North America. It’s a vast place with a relatively small population, and full of pristine, gorgeous nature. It’s a great place to be if you love outdoorsy activities like hiking and kayaking, and even better if you’re into stunning mountain ranges, waterfalls, icebergs, and whale watching.

    Malcolm Duchamp / Via Flickr: squarefaceduchamp

  6. You got: Saskatchewan

    Saskatchewan is one of the prairie provinces in the large middle section of Canada located just above North Dakota and Montana. Though much of the province is fairly rural, it has two major cities – Saskatoon and Regina. But if you’re going to go to Saskatchewan, the real appeal is the wide open space and abundant natural beauty.

    Gary Chow / Via Flickr: gchow7

  7. You got: Manitoba

    Manitoba is one of the prairie provinces in central Canada, and is full of lakes, rivers, and farmland. Most the province is rural, but it is home to Winnipeg, one of the Canada’s great cities. If you head north, you can have some pretty amazing experiences in nature, like checking out the Northern Lights, and seeing beluga whales and polar bears in the wild. Also, if you’re into mysteries involving Masonic symbols and Christian imagery, you need to check out the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg.

    Robert Linsdell / Via Flickr: boblinsdell

  8. You got: Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, and though it’s the nation’s second-smallest province, it’s also the second most densely populated. Nova Scotia is full of quaint towns along the ocean and gorgeous wilderness, but it also has Halifax, a city that’s been home to a thriving indie music scene for decades.

    Bob Jagendorf / Via Flickr: bobjagendorf

  9. You got: Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island, one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces and the smallest province in the nation, is best known as the idyllic setting of Anne of Green Gables. It’s a truly beautiful and quaint place, especially if you love beaches, wide open spaces, and abundant world class seafood.

    Bob Linsdell / Via Flickr: boblinsdell

  10. You got: Alberta

    Alberta, the westernmost of Canada’s three prairie provinces, is one of the nation’s richest and most populated provinces. It’s sort of like Canada’s answer to Texas – it has a booming oil industry, and it has a similar sort of badass cowboy reputation. There’s a great deal of natural beauty in the province, but the main attraction here are Edmonton and Calgary, two of the nation’s largest and most thriving cities.

    davebloggs007 / Via Flickr: davebloggs007

  11. You got: Quebec

    Quebec is basically a distinct French-speaking nation that happens to be part of Canada. It’s a vast province, and the second most populated after Ontario. Though there’s much to recommend to the rest of the province, the main attraction here is certainly Montreal, one of the best cities in all of North America. It’s like a European city that’s been somehow dropped into the middle of Canada, and it’s home to a thriving music and arts scene as well as a varied and distinct food culture.

    Hussein Abdallah / Via Flickr: husseinabdallah

  12. You got: British Columbia

    British Columbia, located in the Pacific Northwest, is one of Canada’s most gorgeous and economically thriving provinces. Though much of the province is rural and full of pristine natural beauty, it also boasts Vancouver, one of the nation’s major cultural centers with a booming tv and film industry, as well as a significant music and arts scene.

    Travis McCrea / Via Flickr: travismccrea

  13. You got: Ontario

    Ontario is the most populated and powerful province in Canada, and home of both the nation’s capital, Ottawa, and its largest city, Toronto. Toronto in particular is a world class cultural center for business, arts, music, sports, theater, film, tv, and food, and one of the most ethnically varied places in North America. Though much of the southern part of the province is urban or suburban, the northern parts are much more rural and wide open.

    Paul Bica / Via Flickr: dexxus


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