Uber Shamelessly Adds Surge Prices In Area Near Sydney Hostage Crisis

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Uber fares skyrocketed to outrageous levels during the Sydney hostage crisis on Sunday but then diminished to nothing once the company realized the danger at hand.

Shortly after it was announced that 1an unknown number of people were being held captive in the Australian city, the Huffington Post reports, the minimum price for a ride jumped from $25 to $100.

A regular customer told Mashable that this would price a trip to the airport at up to $185 when it would normally cost almost $100 less.

Three hours into the crisis, Uber tweeted that the fares were increased to get more drivers to come to the area.

Another tweet was sent a little over a half hour later declaring that rides from Sydney’s Central Business District would be free and that those who paid the heightened fares would be fully compensated.

This decision seems to have been influenced primarily by widespread condemnation of the price hikes on social media.

The company, originally founded in Australia, also released a statement saying that the increased fares were a result of an automated function that raises fares based on demand.

According to Mashable, New York’s attorney general said last July that Uber would now put a price cap during “abnormal disruptions of the market,” which means any sort of mass crisis.

No agreement of the sort, however, appears to exist in Australia.

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