Google Hilariously Answers Stephen Colbert’s Complaint About His Height

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stephen-colbert-height - elite dialystephen-colbert-height - elite dialy

Stephen Colbert recently made a point of calling out Google for listing him at 5’10”, when he is, in fact, 5’11”.

Colbert came at Google’s CEO, Larry Page, and demanded an investigation into the matter.

Google responded in the most awesome way possible. When you search, “how tall is Stephen Colbert,” Google responds by splitting the difference and listing his height at 5’10.5” (1.79m -ish).

It’s good to see Google has a sense of humor and that those nerds can take a joke. Though, I have a feeling Colbert would still like to be listed at the proper 5’11”.

colbert report - elite dailycolbert report - elite daily

H/T: The Daily Mail

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