Canadian Woman Is Billed $1 Million For Giving Birth On Trip To Hawaii

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CTV News

Ever wonder how much it would cost to have a baby and stay in a hospital in a different country with no insurance coverage?

In the case of this Canadian couple that had their first child while on vacation in the US, the bill racked up to nearly $1 million.

Saskatchewan’s Jennifer Huculak obtained approval to travel from her doctor in October of last year because she wasn’t supposed to have her baby for another nine weeks. She also bought Blue Cross insurance in preparation.

But her water broke just two days into her trip to Hawaii with her husband, leaving her bed-ridden in a local hospital for the next six weeks and her premature daughter in intensive care for two months.

Blue Cross is refusing to cover any of her care, however, and has sent the couple a medical bill amounting to $950,000.

According to CTV News, the insurance provider is claiming that Huculak went into labor early because of a pre-existing bladder infection. As a result of her alleged “high-risk pregnancy” and the terms of her insurance policy, Blue Cross cannot cover any of the costs.

But Huculak was told by Hawaiian medical staff that the bladder infection had no impact on her now 11-month-old daughter’s early birth date.

She told CTV News,

The specialist in Hawaii said that these things just happen. There’s nothing that causes them.

Her doctor sent a letter to Blue Cross supporting this fact, but the coverage has still been denied.

Huculak is now debating whether to keep fighting or declare bankruptcy.

She said,

It’s a very sad situation to be in and people need to be aware that insurance companies will deny you if they have anything they can go on.

The mother notes that there was nothing in Blue Cross’s information pamphlet, not even fine print, pertaining to policies for pre-existing conditions.

Strangers who have heard her story have offered to help, but Huculak said her family is not accepting donations, although she said the response has overwhelmed her.

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