Community Post: 25 Reasons you should go to the Beresford on Jan 18th

1. Just three days earlier I turned 25

2. You are happy that I lived another year and you want to celebrate with me

3. You are my friend and I love all my friends… lots!

4. There is a high chance you will see maggotsy and he is interesting

5. If you do not go you will suffer crippling FOMO as the party’s official hashtag (#maggotsy25) trends globally

6. It gives you an excuse to start drinking in the afternoon

7. For all the ladies; Michael Blenkin will be making an appearance

8. I have celebrated with you before so now its time to return the favour

9. It gives you something to do the weekend before TripleJ Hottest 100 day that isn’t too crazy. So you won’t be too exhausted for the next weekend… you never know what will happen on Straya day

10. The Beresford is in the perfect location for Tindr. You get matches from Surry Hills, Paddington, Darlinghurst, Woollahara, and Redfern

11. Last time I was at the Bero I ordered a pizza (it was cheat day) and I remember it being enjoyable

12. I will be buying a birthday outfit so I will be looking really good. This helps guys get tips for how to look good, and it gives girls something good to look at

13. If your workplace is anything like mine, you get paid once a month on the 15th… pay day weekend blowout

14. In a once in a lifetime opportunity the biggest bird (Baden Crathern) will be migrating south for the summer event

15. I don’t often go out. In fact I hate partying. I don’t even like to drink, so this is a rare opportunity to have a beer with me

16. Chances are, you still have a killer tan from your xmas break… What a perfect opportunity to show it off

17. Similarly, you were gifted/you bought yourself new clothes over Christmas and have been waiting to bust out that cute new top or killer new shoes. Or if you are Joe James, new gorts.

18. You have had a summer fling and have been looking for an opportunity to show off the new boo. Invite anyone you want to

19. You received a shit gift for christmas and want to regift it as soon as possible

20. You went on holiday over the break and you want to gloat about your travels but everyone you usually hang out with is already sick of you relating anything and everything back to your own personal trip… I am offering you a fresh crowd to bore.

21. Jazzy is getting all event organiser on this party and is booking an outdoor area… and when she takes charge, shit gets done

22. If both Maggotsy & The Hurricane (Jazzy’s drunk alter-ego) come out to play we will get kicked out. Which is actually a good thing because our apartment is just around the corner, we will kick on there

23. The fact you are still reading this means you are double invited

24. I have a fool proof plan for having a fun birthday party

25. On a more serious note, yes there is 25 reasons to come to the Beresford on the 18th of January but the most important is that I think you are awesome and I want to celebrate with you

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