9 Indie Bands Having A Miserable Time In Chinatown

1. Destroyer, “Chinatown”

Dan Bejar isn’t dealing well with missing his Fung Wah bus.

Take these directions, bb.

2. Tokyo Police Club, “End of a Spark”

All the unhappy rockists in Chinatown.

What’s the deal, yall?

3. Luna, “Chinatown”

I don’t know, Dean Wareham. You invited us to Hop Ky.

4. Modern Talking, “Lonely Tears in Chinatown”

What’s for dinner? Oh, just some tears.

5. Wild Nothing, “Chinatown”

To be fair, this is already Wild Nothing’s happiest song.

6. Paul Simon, “Paranoid Blues”

I hate it when that happens too, Paul.

7. Rufus Wainwright, “Peach Tree”

Via last.fm

By the way you’re sighing this I’m gonna guess no 🙁

8. Animal Collective, “Lion In A Coma”

Probably sane advice.

9. Tahiti 80, “Chinatown”

Chinatown: where rock musicians go to experience those alone in a crowd moments.

Bring some friends next time?

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