Comcast Calls Customer’s Boss After He Complains And Gets Him Fired

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One Comcast subscriber claims the company got him fired from his job after he complained about its notoriously poor customer service.

According to Consumerist, a male accountant known as Conal began experiencing problems with Comcast right after he subscribed in early 2013 with a nine-month promotional offer.

He says he was being charged for boxes that were not activated, and his bills weren’t being delivered to his home because a Comcast worker didn’t spell his last name correctly.

Comcast promised the issues would be solved, but they only got worse in the following months.

Conal was still being charged for unactivated devices and even devices he did not have.

He says he tried to cancel his service toward the end of that year, but a Comcast rep was extremely apologetic, maintaining his membership by offering free DVR service and three free months of The Movie Channel (TMC).

The DVR came, but it was accompanied by several other devices he did not order.

He said,

There were a few DVRs, modem, standard boxes and equipment that I was unfamiliar with.

Conal was billed $1,820 for the unordered equipment.

He decided to use his accounting skills to strengthen his next argument, constructing a spreadsheet featuring every erroneous charge on his account.

Comcast refused to acknowledge the mistakes, however, so Conal contacted the office of the company’s Controller, which oversees its accounts.

The office told Conal that he’d soon receive a call to discuss the problems.

The office followed through, but Conal recounts having an asinine conversation that got him nowhere.

He remembers the rep claiming that a technician had shown up at his home, but the rep avoided saying when and instead asked Conal what color his house is.

Conal called the office again, suggesting that Comcast’s accounting be investigated by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

Comcast was apparently very threatened by this remark.

The company called Conal’s accounting firm and had an ethics investigation launched against him, ultimately leading to his termination.

Conal’s employer told him that, even though he’s never had a complaint against him at work, he was fired after Comcast sent an email of conversations he had with customer service reps.

Conal has never seen this email, and Comcast is refusing to release recordings of the conversations.

via Consumerist, Photo Courtesy: TriStar Pictures

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