8 Easy Summer Weekend Projects To Do Before It’s Too Late

1. Make an Herb Planter From a Wagon

Looking to spice up your container garden? Dig out Junior’s rusty old Radio Flyer and turn it into a mobile planter that can go from a sun-steeped corner right to your kitchen door. Here’s how to get rolling.

2. Build a Tree Bench

This comfy, stay-cool spot has room for the entire family and practically looks like it’s a part of the tree itself. Put your bench together, and you’ll enjoy lounging on it with a favorite book all summer long.

3. Cook Up a Great Outdoor Kitchen

If you’ve been hankering for an open-air cooking area, check out our guide to the ingredients it takes to make a five-star space. Incorporate as many as you like—and as your budget allows—then save the rest for summers to come.

4. Sell Lemonade with the Kids

When the sun is hot and kids are bored, there’s nothing better to get them motivated than a project that comes with a built-in reward. Building this old-fashioned lemonade stand is sure to spark some creative interest, along with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

5. Create a Backyard for Playing Games

If you build it, they will come. But to effect this kind of leisure-time loyalty, you need some sophisticated games, games of skill and strategy, games once played by warriors and kings—games like bocce, horseshoes, and croquet. See how to get your backyard ready for the next big tournament!

6. Grow Fruits and Vegetables Anywhere

You don’t need a backyard farm to enjoy the tangy flavor of just-picked blueberries or the juicy sweetness of vine-ripened tomatoes still warm from the sun. Strategize right, and you can grow a lot of food in a tiny space, even in full view of your neighbors. See these 10 tips to get started!

7. Build a Potting Bench

Even if you love gardening, repotting plants or dividing flats can feel like a real chore if you have to scavenge for supplies in the dark corners of the garage. Park them on a dedicated workstation, however, and you’ll never waste time hunting them down again. Construct our simple, three-tier potting bench and keep your favorite hand tools right at your fingertips.

8. Put Landscape Lighting on Your Front Walkway

Enhance the nighttime curb appeal of your home—and add a measure of safety and security—with low-voltage landscape lighting. Install these exterior-grade fixtures along walkways and driveways, or illuminate steps, trees, stonewalls, fences and other prominent landscape features.

Check out how to build a simple deck, a master grill station, and more! See the rest of the list of summer weekend projects at thisoldhouse.com.

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