5 Realities Of What It’s Like To Be An Eagles Fan

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Fortunately, the Eagles have not yet lost this season. Though this pat on the back might come a bit too prematurely, as we’re only a few games in, every single one of these wins has been way too close to a loss.

Both the season opener against the Jaguars and the Colts game had us cursing our team and ready to give up on the whole season. We’re still holding our breath. This is what it’s like to be an Eagles fan:

We’re at the top of our division, but that’s not saying much.


The NFC East is pathetic this season. Eli doesn’t look like a two-time-winning quarterback, RG III can’t stay healthy (bring on the bubble wrap) and Romo is still Romo-ing.

So, yes, we have bragging rights over our rivals, but to the rest of the league, we still have a lot to prove.

Everyone thinks we’re the “worst” fans in the NFL.


Eagles’ fans have a bad reputation for being violent, belligerent and downright evil. Let’s be real: There is nothing pretty about football. It’s a sport, which naturally breeds competition. So, forgive us for caring too much.

There was the whole “Fire Andy” thing, when Andy Reid was no longer beneficial to our beloved birds. Honestly, he just needed a fresh start, and so did Philadelphia. He is doing just fine in Kansas City, and Chip is doing just fine in Philadelphia.

We aren’t “bad” fans; we’re just passionate about that in which we take pride.

With great fandom comes great emotion.


Being an Eagles fan, you will experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The season opener against the Jaguars looked like an easy win; yet, we were down 0-17 at the half. Many of us stopped watching the game altogether and were ready to give up on the season.

Then, our birds came rallying back with 34 unanswered points to a 34-17 victory. That game is a microcosm for every season with the Eagles. Expect the worst but hope for the best, especially during the playoffs.

We constantly have to defend our coach.


There’s the criticism of Chip Kelly being nothing more than a “gimmick” and talk of how the rest of the league will catch on to his style of play and the Eagles will suck again.

He is so much more than a gimmick, however. Chip adapts wherever he goes and has a winning track record to prove it. He respects his players and his players respect him. Shady McCoy even defended Chip’s decision to cut DeSean Jackson.

Kelly doesn’t play favorites on the field, either. The only thing that matters to him is winning, and that’s what we all want. In Chip, we trust!

Everyone is still making fun of us for letting DeSean Jackson go.


While we weren’t initially happy with this decision, and some of us still aren’t over it, we seem to be faring well without him.


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