Nobody Is Surprised Floyd Mayweather Claims The NFL Was Too Hard On Ray Rice

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Media WorkoutFloyd Mayweather Jr. Media Workout

It was only a matter of time before Floyd Mayweather Jr. sounded off on the whole Ray Rice controversy.

He’s no stranger to accusations of domestic abuse himself. He went to jail in 2012 for attacking his ex-girlfriend as their children watched.

However, as usual, Mayweather chose to open his big mouth and give his “expert” opinion, which he probably should have just kept to himself.

According to Newsday, the world boxing champion recently spoke to reporters at MGM Grand Casino and said,

I think there’s a lot worse things that go on in other people’s households, also. It’s just not caught on video, if that’s safe to say.

He maintains the ruling to ban Rice indefinitely wasn’t warranted and the NFL should have just stuck to the initial decision to suspend him for two games.

He reiterated that he has been falsely accused many times, saying,

Like I’ve said in the past, no bumps, no bruises, no nothing. With O.J. and Nicole, you seen pictures. With Chris Brown and Rihanna, you seen pictures. With (Chad) Ochocinco and Evelyn, you seen pictures.

You guys have yet to see any pictures of a battered woman, a woman who says she was kicked and beaten (by Mayweather). So I just live my life and try to stay positive, and try to become a better person each and every day.

Clearly, this is a guy who’s out of his damn mind. And, considering his most recent girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, claims she left after being abused, he’s not the guy we want to chime in.

via Newsday, Photo Credit: Getty Images

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