CHART: Our Country Votes Ass Backwards. Do You?

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A lot has been made of people “taking responsibility for their
lives” during this election season. The most “responsible” thing you can “personally”
do is to know the facts behind the rhetoric and vote accordingly for your
interests. Check out this handy chart of voting tendencies based on a personal
responsibility index to find your state!

The vertical axis represents how likely your state is to vote Democratic — the higher it goes, the more liberal it votes. The horizontal axis shows how “personally responsible” your state is — the farther right, the more responsible your state’s citizens are statistically. Some criteria of the personal
responsibility index include physical fitness, safety of sexual activity,
likelihood of receiving federal subsidies, and inclination to inflict harm on
themselves or others through smoking or drinking.

FACT: States with high teenage (ages 15-17) pregnancy rates tend to vote

FACT: Average score of the five “reddest” states (WY, OK, UT, ID, AL) is worse
on each of six measures of irresponsibility (obesity, smoking, chlamydia, teen
pregnancy, drunk-driving fatalities, and firearms assaults) than the average
score of the five “bluest” states (NY, MA, RI, VT, HI).

FACT: States that score worst in this personal responsibility index are also
the states whose congressional representatives voted against Obamacare, even
though many of these unhealthy people free-ride their uninsured way into
hospital emergency rooms.

FACT: This is the George Clooney of charts: total understated cool — just like my beloved Democratic-leaning, super-responsible Washington. Way to go,

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