This Bloody Veggie Burger Looks Exactly Like The Real Thing

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Veggie Burger - elite dailyVeggie Burger - elite daily

If you’ve ever come across a veggie burger, you’ve probably been able to tell it was a veggie burger before biting into it.

There’s just something about veggie burgers that doesn’t allow them to reach the physical appeal regular burgers boast — until now.

Pat Brown, a Stanford University professor, is looking to change the veggie burger game forever with his company Impossible Foods.

Brown’s company developed a burger made out of plant matter, but still features that reddish, meaty look actual burgers have. According to Mashable, the burger even bleeds.

To make the burgers, Impossible Foods uses extracts from different plants to craft together a unique flavor that matches up closely to a beef burger patty.

However, the real secret lies within heme. Heme is a molecule in hemeglobin. Hemeglobin is primarily discovered in the blood of animals and plants.

The Impossible Foods’ website reads:

Our mission is to give people the great taste and nutritional benefits of foods that come from animals without the negative health and environmental impact.

Despite the fact that Professor Pat Brown and his company have been able to craft together a beautiful, plant-based burger patty, it’s still going to be difficult to shift people over from regular beef patties!


H/T: Mashable, Photo Courtesy: Impossible Foods

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