Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ Sounds Amazing As A 1940s Jazz Song (Video)

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“Stay With Me,” the soulful hit by British singer/songwriter Sam Smith, has been covered by everyone from Keith Urban to (weirdly enough) Vin Diesel.

But, Postmodern Jukebox’s new, 1940s-inspired cover of the song is blowing everyone away.

The newest rendition of “Stay With Me” adds horns, bass and cymbals, along with singer Cristina Gatti’s moody vocals to give the song a jazzier, old-Hollywood flair.

It’s reminiscent of some of the late Amy Winehouse’s slower, more powerful ballads and it’s seriously worth a listen. It’s one of the best covers — if not hands down the best— of this very versatile, universal song.

H/T: Postmodern Jukebox

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