These 25 Moving Photographs Of The Human Spirit In The Midst Of Chaos Will Stir YourHeart With A Hunger For Peace

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Clash of ideas, Collision of thoughts, Outburst of opposing emotions; that’s what you normally experience in the midst of protests. Fighting the enforcing arm of the government and the police force, the masses struggle, enduring pain, hurt, and hunger to voice out what they think is right and just. The desire for greater peace and justice for all is what they commonly stand for. That’s what you will see in These 25 Moving Photographs Of The Human Spirit In The Midst Of Chaos, showing what man is capable of when rights are compromised.

25. A song to calm the police officers

24. A courageous priest acts as a shield

23. A kiss instead of a revolution

22. A student hug for the police officer

21. Crackers shared by police officers and protestors

20. A woman protects police officers from the rioters

19. A motherly kiss of peace

18. Exchanging flowers of hope

17. Tea among friends

16. Protester saves injured policy officer

15. Protester celebrates officer’s birthday with a cake

14. A heart-shaped balloon offered by a little boy

13. Peaceful end with a smile

12. Policers Officers helping a woman affected by tear gas

11. Jane Rose Kasmir plants flower on the bayonets of the guards at the Pentagon

10. A kind look from protester to the police

9. Let there be peace

8. At the end of it all we are all human

7. Police Officers give flowers to protesters

6. A rose of respect and affection

5. A wedding amidst of protest

4. Sharing tears

3. Innocence meets his reflection

2. A kind gesture

1. Man helping man’s best friend

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