Hilarious Cat Trap Works Way Better Than You’d Expect (Video)

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If you ever need to trap your cat — say, to capture the kitty before taking it to the vet (or just for entertainment) — YouTube user Jake Z illustrates how to do it right.

Step one: Create a trap. In this video, the trap is created out of a plastic bin propped up by a pencil. Make sure the trap is large enough to fit the entire kitty, otherwise the trap will be a failure.

Step two: Pique the feline’s interest. Jake Z uses a laser pointer to trap his unsuspecting cat, and it works like a charm. However, similar items like remote-controlled cars could be used instead.

Step three: Lure the cat into the trap using said method of interest-piquing.

Step four: Laugh your ass off.

Note that your cat will be pissed at you and may retaliate following his release from the trap, but the initial entertainment is well worth the possible repercussions.

Watch the video above to see the cat-trapping method executed in full.

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