Woman Meets Her Anonymous Sperm Donor And They Fall In Love

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Scott Andersen and Aminah Hart came together because of a child, but not in the conventional way.

Anderson was Hart’s anonymous sperm donor, father of her daughter Leila.

Hart, 42, was a single woman from Melbourne, Australia, determined to have a family of her own. After losing two sons in a row as a result of a genetic disorder, Hart decided to try using in vitro fertilization and a sperm donor.

Searching through applicant forms, Hart came across a man describing himself as “happy and healthy.” After years of worry, Hart knew that this was the donor for her.

Nine months later, half-West Indian Hart welcomed blonde-haired baby Leila into the world.


She told ABC that Leila’s coloring was something of a shock.

I thought ‘I can’t have a blonde baby, I’m a black woman. Black women don’t have blonde babies.’

But the little girl got Hart thinking about the man whose genetics made up part of her beloved child.

After her mother claimed to have found the sperm donor online simply by Googling the information on his form, Hart contacted her clinic. Anderson had agreed that any children that were a result of his donations could contact him before the age of 18.

Anderson, already a committed father of four, was more than willing to meet his daughter. Soon after reaching her first birthday, Leila met her father for the first time.

Hart says that the connection between herself and Anderson was clear after several months of meetings. When the pair was stranded at friend’s home overnight because of a road closure, they could no longer deny the connection.

She said,

It was quite surreal that it was not uncomfortable. There was a little bit of romance born that night…We fell in love. It was surreal but an incredible experience.

But as Anderson’s attraction to Hart grew, he found himself growing distant from his partner at the time and soon ended that relationship.

Hart and Anderson have now been together for more than a year, and were recently the subject of documentary series “Australian Story.” Although Anderson maintains a cattle farm far from Melbourne, the pair co-parent Leila and live together when possible.

They’re the definition of an unlikely modern family.

Check out the full story of how the family was formed below:

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