Town Celebrates Gay Couple’s Marriage After Wedding Was Ruined By Hate

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Oscar De Las Salas and Gary Jackson are going to live happily ever after if one Californian community has anything to do with it.

The pair exchanged vows in a “celebration of love” thrown for them by a stranger in Coronado.

The couple, who live in Arizona, originally planned to be married at Centennial Park in Coronado, California in August.

As the ceremony began, De Las Salas and Jackson’s vows of love were unexpectedly overtaken by jeers, slurs and heckling coming from a few passersby.

But, after De Las Salas published a piece in Gay San Diego detailing his experience, responses and empathy poured in.

One of those who read the article was Alisa Kerr, who immediately contacted De Las Salas.

She and her friends offered to throw a party on behalf of all Coronado residents, more a celebration of the couple’s new marriage than a redo of their wedding.

Kerr wrote,

I hope you’ll give us the opportunity to show you how accepting, kind, and amazing Coronado and its residents are! It will be a lot of fun! Local businesses have already gladly agreed to help make the event super special for you guys.

De Las Salas and Jackson understand they’re not alone. They say nearly thousands of people responded to their Facebook post.

And as for the party, Kerr and her friends delivered their promises, providing music, flowers and cupcakes. If their smiles are any indication, De Las Salas and Jackson had a wonderful time.

The newlyweds share a gondola ride.


They shared vows once more.


There were no interruptions this time.


It’s a fresh beginning to the marriage.


The couple is grateful for the new start.


This is a fairytale ending.


And it’s all thanks to someone who was once a complete stranger.


H/T: Huffington Post, Photos courtesy: Kristina Lee Photography

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