6 Concerts You Need to See In Chicago Before The Ball Drops

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Everyone may be up in arms, stressing New Year’s Eve plans and worrying who’ll drive where and how you’ll get home and whether or not you’ll really need to call two cabs to get there and do you think the subway will be as crowded as last year and if you really need a jacket and where you’ll go afterward – but not you.

You’ve got it all figured out. You know where you’re going, who’s playing, where you’re headed afterward. And the icing on the cake is all that all of your best plans are taking place before the end of the year.

So when the ball drops, you aren’t stressing over cabs and traffic and overcrowded subways.

Because you saw the shows way before the ball dropped.


The self-proclaimed fastest-rapper alive will take the stage at Double Door in Chicago on November 26. (Which means you suddenly have great plans for the Night Before Thanksgiving – and nothing says, “Happy Turkey Day!” quite like a Twista-filled hangover.)

You can expect a show loaded with personality, as he’ll be joined by: Ras Kass, Cashis Da Gerber Boy, Mint Lab Astronauts, Brewski, Ka’Ron Burgundy, G B.A.L.L., Super Fresh Bros, Triple S S.L.A.N.G, Keiph Ali, J Breezy.

Wiz Khalifa

He’s taking over House of Blues for three nights in Chicago, but the night we’re most excited about is his last: November 26. The performance promises to follow in Wiz’s normal footsteps: loud, fast and full of adrenaline.

Yusuf / Cat Stevens

It might not be the height of pop music that we’re used to taking in every day, but there is something magical – and life-changing about listening to Cat Stevens croon from song to song smack in the middle of winter.

He plays December 9 at The Chicago Theater.

French Montana

French has made a name for himself in the music industry as one of the most exciting performers to watch. He’ll take the stage with literally anyone – from Rick Ross to Nicki to Wayne and 2 Chainz.

So when he takes the stage at Double Door on December 14, trust us when we tell you that anything’s possible.

Straight No Chaser

With magical melodies like “I’m Yours / Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “The 12 Days of Christmas” and “Some Nights / We Are Young,” pulling in over four million views on Spotify, we’d recommend getting your tickets fast for this popular male a cappella group.

Just in time to get you in the true holiday spirit, they’re playing on December 14 at The Chicago Theatre.

Sammy Adams

The infamous “I Hate College” rapper will take over House of Blues on December 30, and if you’re in the area, it’s a show you’re going to want to see.

Bonus to you if you bring all of your college friends along.

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