The Most Interesting Man in the World is now on Oculus Rift

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Jonathan Goldsmith poses on the red carpet at the Electronic Arts’ "Need for Speed Hot Pursuit" launch event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010.
Image: Casey Rodgers/Associated Press

He doesn’t often do virtual reality, but when he does, it’s pretty awesome.

Dos Equis ad icon The Most Interesting Man in the World (a.k.a. actor Jonathan Goldsmith) is starring in a new Oculus Rift “experience” that the brewer will share with bar and festival attendees in the Southwest this week. Timed for Halloween, the three-minute ad simulates the experience of attending a chi-chi party in which you, the viewer, are seated in a well-appointed living room waiting for the guest of honor to show.


Image: Dos Equis

In the course of the experience, a few women flirt with you, a leopard enters the room and finally TMIMITW walks in and starts talking directly to you, opining that, “Things are always more interesting when you wear a mask.” Yes, it turns out that you are actually the guest of honor.

The VR experience will be accessible via the Oculus Rift Dev Kit II or Samsung Gear VR (available this December). It will also be available at the Oculus Rift store in the near future.

Dos Equis owns 21 Oculus Rift headsets and plans to share the experience with as many over-21 fans as possible. In addition, the brand is running a more traditional interactive video that offers you navigational choices (like to go upstairs or not) as you hunt for TMIMITW’s little black book. Find it and you get a chance to go to Dos Equis’ masquerade ball in New Orleans on Nov. 22.

Gwendolyn Boyce, Dos Equis’ brand director, says the brand wants to build on TMIMITW’s status as an Internet meme. “We need to find new ways to surprise and delight our customers,” she says. “The virtual reality headset was our chance to have a really cutting-edge interaction with consumers.”

The Facebook-owned Oculus represents a tantalizing prospect for advertisers, but few have experimented with the format yet. Notable exceptions include Marriott, which used Oculus and a booth replete with sensory cues to simulate foreign travel and Lexus, which has offered an Oculus-based test drive of its upcoming 2015 RC F Sports coupe.

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