Genius Turns People’s Cringeworthy Spelling Mistakes On Twitter Into Hilarious Photos

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Twitter is part of the Internet and, as a result, the people who use it have a tendency to say some really, really stupid things.

You can blame it on tiny keyboards or a general lack of education, but there is no shortage of 140-character posts riddled with useless thoughts.

Theses posts are made even better, though, by egregious spelling errors that make you wonder if the person responsible for the tweet asked his or her parents’ permission before going online.

The account Illustrated Typos has started to find the best of the worst grammatical errors on the site and Photoshopped what the tweet would actually look like if the typos were translated into pictures.

The results are as absurd as they are impressive.

I wonder how many bucks it cost him.

Apple really is taking over the world.

I think “ironic” is the right word to use here.

I’d watch “Lady and the Ramp” if it was about a skateboarding dog.

It’s one of those questions that doesn’t have an answer (because it’s a really stupid question).

I like this version better.

This one could have gone a lot differently.

What a bunch of blockheads. That’s a relevant term in 2014, right?

Girls love Rosses.

His account is probably going to get drained.

It says “Antchrist” (in case you couldn’t figure that out)

More like a PomerDAMEian. Actually, not like that at all. I apologize.


*Drops mic*

Ashlee Simpson’s lipsink is much more decadent

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding Jesus’ face on this piece of bread

Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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