The Misery Is Real: 10 Fantasy Football Players You Wish You Never Chose Based On Week 4

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We are officially done with the first month of the NFL season! In week four, we saw many breakout performances from a multitude of fantasy stars and sleepers.

But, with every breakout performance, there will be awful, surprising stat lines. We present to you, the Week Four Fantasy Bust Bus Riders:

QB1: Kirk Cousins — 5.5 Points, Standard Scoring

After singing his praises last week, I assumed that Kirk Cousins was bound for a breakout Nick Foles-like season. On Thursday night, he proved that he, in fact, should be the back-up quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

After 4 interceptions and one fumble, I don’t see how any owner has the confidence to start him next week, especially with Seattle coming to town. He may be on the bus a few more times before the season ends.

QB2: Tom Brady — 4.4 Points, Standard Scoring

For those of you in two quarterback leagues, I decided to add a second quarterback slot for you.

How awful was Tom Brady on Monday Night Football? Brady has been known in years past to make Monday Night Football his sanctuary for legendary performances.

Instead, he performed as if the Brady Era in New England may be coming to an end. Brady threw 2 interceptions and fumbled once against the Chiefs’ defense. Any owner who sat and waited for QB in his or her draft may be kicking him or herself this morning for picking Brady. But, we still love you, Gisele!

RB: Shady McCoy — 1.7 Points, Standard Scoring

Coming into the season, LeSean McCoy was arguably the top fantasy player in all the land. Up to this point, he has not lived up to his top billing. After 17 rushing yards, I don’t think many owners could confidently say they have the best running back in the game.

For his owners’ sake, I hope this disastrous start does not continue, as Shady is way too talented to keep this up.

RB: Arian Foster — 6.1 Points, Standard Scoring

Foster is another top 10 running back who has not produced those top 10 stats to make his owners happy. Arian Foster produced only 6 yards rushing with 55 receiving yards. For a top 10 pick, 6.1 points will not suffice.

The Houston team as a whole is not very good, and the emergence of DeAndre Hopkins in the passing game will not help Foster’s offensive production. Let’s see if Foster can turn it around.

WR: Calvin Johnson — 1.2 Points, Standard Scoring

There are always injury concerns with Megatron, but for owners who believed that he was fully healthy to play on Sunday against the Jets, I apologize.

The Lions’ coaching staff admitted that they only had Johnson out there to be a decoy for the defense and had no legit intentions to really use him. This plan resulted in his 2-reception, 12-yard performance Sunday.

When he’s healthy, Calvin Johnson is a top tier talent. The issue is that we will never know when he is actually healthy.

WR: DeSean Jackson — 0.9 Points, Standard Scoring / Pierre Garçon — 2.8 Points, Standard Scoring

No Redskins receiver recorded a catch until the second quarter Thursday night, which shows just how pathetic the Redskins offense was as a whole. Jackson and Garçon were both affected by Kirk Cousins’ awful play.

Jackson recorded only one reception for 9 yards, while Garçon had 2 receptions for 28 yards. They will both go as far as Kirk Cousins takes them. So, when Kirk is on the bus, expect his receiver tandem to be two rows in back with him.

TE: Zach Ertz — 2.3 Points, Standard Scoring

Zach Ertz was putting together a decent fantasy day of 4 receptions for 43 yards until he lost a fumble, which hurt his stats. Ertz has been viewed as a potential tight end breakout this season after his week one outburst.

So far, other tight end sleepers, such as Larry Donnell, Niles Paul and Travis Kelce, have out-performed him. Ertz is a freak athlete, but is starting to seem a little touchdown-dependent.

Flex: Stevan Ridley — 2.8 Points, Standard Scoring

The Patriots’ offense as a whole looks like a mess at this point in the season, especially their running game. They don’t have a true #1 guy, and it is driving owners crazy, especially Stevan Ridley owners.

After only getting five attempts for 28 yards, Ridley recorded only 2.8 fantasy points. I’m not sure if any Patriots’ running backs can be trusted at this point in the season.

Defense: Carolina Panthers — -7 Points, Standard Scoring

-15 points the past two weeks… Need I say more?

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