No Matter How Bad Your Day Is, It’s Not Nearly As Bad As These People’s. Ouch.

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Bad days usually aren’t made by getting hit by a bus. Instead, they’re created by these infuriating, embarrassing terrifying incidents that will forever be burned into your memory. If you ever think you’ve having a bad day… you’re wrong. Because THESE people are having bad days.

1. The guy who tried to drive through wet cement

2. The guy that realized he’s paying too much in rent and his landlord is a thief.

3. These girls once they’re done taking this photo

4. Every Ohioan ever

5. These parents that can’t handle their kids

6. The guy who thought mountain biking would be easy

7. The guy who got the worst Christmas gift ever

8. The guy who learned a lesson about texting-and-driving the hard way

9. The person who didn’t learn that lesson about texting-and-driving

10. The person who keeps getting taunted by a thief

11. The entire town of Rockford

12. This bride with a crappy photo shoot idea

13. This tricked little girl

14. This newcomer to the state of Florida

15. The guests at this outdoor wedding ceremony

16. The drunk guy who was hungry at some point

17. The girl that thought she was getting a good birthday gift

18. The girl that picked the wrong shirt to wear

19. This mayor with questionable advertising

20. The guy who got stuck in the elevator

21. Whoever got surprised with cancer

22. The cat owner that forgot she owned a fuzzy little jerk

23. The guy who didn’t want onions

24. The guy that fell asleep around someone with Snapchat

26. Whoever eats these “apples”

27. The poor soul that eats this hellish mixture

28. Jon Hamm

29. This hipster failure

30. The hungry victim of an awful prank

32. The dog that forgot what glass was

Just never try the Skittles and M&Ms thing. Your friends, family and pets will never forgive you.

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