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Go 4d — 4D ManifestorClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’re still held back from manifesting your dreams and desires by what seems to be an unknown force then you’re not alone.

So many people out there never achieve what they truly deserve because of circumstances out side of their control.

Instead they become victims of fate, helpless and unable to lift themselves from the situation they are in.

If only there was an easy way for them to break free of the shackles which bound them, they could rise up and take control of their destiny.

My name is David Dunn and I’ve been into music production for over 15 years. However I moved away from the music industry, because I felt it was no good for me physically, mentally or spiritually.

I too was dragged down by circumstance until I began the practice of meditation using life changing brainwave audios.

Now I prefer to help others using the musical skills I’ve learnt, by creating the powerful brain wave meditations available on this site.

Recently a friend came to me excitedly with a report about one of my meditation’s she had tried out.

This audio was only an experiment, and I wasn’t sure if it was gonna work this well, but she was very, very excited…

As a result she was experiencing a lot of negative energy which was having an effect on her finances.

When we were chatting one day, she told me how she was overwhelmed with emotion about her current situation.

Then I remembered a session I had created with a professional hypnotist. It had been sat on my computer for a while gathering dust.

The next time I saw her a few days later she was bouncing around with energy telling me how great she felt after listening to the audio… Read more…

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