FREE FireKable Paracord Bracelet

FREE FireKable Paracord BraceletClick Image To Visit SiteI’m really excited to be giving away 6,700 FREE FireKable as our way of introducing you to Like the video says above, this is the coolest survival tool you’ve ever seen.

This Essential EDC item fits on your wrist and provides you with up to 80 feet of cordage! The 550 paracord gives you a strong, dependable cordage (which is in extremely short supply in the wild). But this tool is much more than just a bracelet.

It also contains a ferro rod and striker hidden in the clip. This ferro rod will produce sparks of up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The clip also contains a built in signal whistle to help you get found fast (a critical part of surviving when you’re lost in the wilderness.)

So far we have already shipped more than 4,357 of these FireKables in the last few days and we are QUICKLY running out, so grab yours now while supplies last.

P.S. Do me a favor if you can, and please share this page with your friends on Facebook, or email it to your friends. (Just wait until after you grab yours, in case we run out.

Grab one today to make sure that no matter where you are, you’re never more than an arm’s length away from a fire source.

PLEASE NOTE: The bearer of FireKable accepts all responsibility for it’s use or misuse. We will not be responsible for any injuries or damages.

"This bracelet is really cool and works really well … it’s easy to start a fire and that’s essential while camping. I prefer to take this on a backpacking trip as opposed to a lighter because I do not have to worry about lighter fluid dripping all over my gear. This not only looks… Read more…

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