8200 FREE Survival Business Cards

I’m really excited to be giving away 8200 FREE Survival Business Cards as our way of introducing you to SurvivalLife.com. Like the video says above, this is the coolest survival tool you’ve ever seen. So far we have already shipped more than 7624 of these cards in the last few days and we are QUICKLY […]


Sophia Grace And Rosie Cover ‘Thrift Shop’ On Ellen

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Is it possible there are online viewer who haven’t seen Sophia Grace and Rosie pop up in their Facebook or Twitter feeds at least a couple times? The literal pop princesses from Britain got their start way back in October of 2011 performing an a cappella cover of Nicki Minaj‘s hit single Superbass.  Incredibly, that original cover video has garnered over […]


10 Reasons To Chop Off Your Fingers

If you have to chop off part of your body, the finger is a good choice. It’s easy, you have nine spares, and you probably won’t bleed to death like you would if you chopped off a foot or an arm. People have been amputating their own fingers for the past 20,000 years, and in […]


These 25 Moving Photographs Of The Human Spirit In The Midst Of Chaos Will Stir YourHeart With A Hunger For Peace

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Clash of ideas, Collision of thoughts, Outburst of opposing emotions; that’s what you normally experience in the midst of protests. Fighting the enforcing arm of the government and the police force, the masses struggle, enduring pain, hurt, and hunger to voice out what they think is right and just. The desire for greater peace and […]


Which Piece Of Cake Would A Homeless Person Rather Eat?

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The double standard that surrounds charity couldn’t be worse for the world. Imagine a Steve Jobs or Donald Trump of charity, and you’re imagining a world that we could absolutely have if people would get their heads on straight. If entrepreneurs could make their fortunes doing charitable work, I wonder how many more ambitious college […]


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