These Devastating Photos Were Taken Over Just 39 Days. That’s Why The Last One Destroyed Me.

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It only took one month for cancer to steal this young man’s life away. Malaysian photojournalist Ahmad Yusni documented his younger brother Mohammad Sani’s battle with cancer, only days after being diagnosed. He was only 33 years-old, but the rare cancer destroyed his body so quickly. The gallery below is a very real look into this dark reality. The photos are very powerful. WARNING: These  images of his final days may disturb you.

Mohammad Sani was diagnosed with “germ cell” cancer.

It only took 39 days for that cancer to ravage his body.

Ahmad Yusni

His brother was there for every moment.

He documented the terrible things cancer can do to a person.

Ahmad Yusni

It was heart wrenching, to see his brother in such pain but be unable to help him. This was a picture of Mohammad in only 2010.

Even morphine wasn’t enough to ease the pain for Mohammad to sleep.

Ahmad Yusni

Ahmad lost his brother and father within the past two years. To know that he was going to lose his other brother was almost too much to bear.

He couldn’t eat, drink or sleep.

Ahmad Yusni

Being awake was torture.

Ahmad Yusni

Ahmad started the photo diary, hoping it would end with his brother beating the disease. Unfortunately, it ended with him finally at peace… but dead.

Ahmad Yusni

His brother remained strong until his final moments, thanking Ahmad and telling him that he loved him.

Ahmad Yusni

There are terrible things in this life we may experience, but none of those things matter if you have love. Mohammad and Ahmad truly loved each other, and were together until the very end. Source:  

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