Spells Casting A Spell Wiccan Spells Witch Spells TRUTH!

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Spells Casting A Spell Wiccan Spells Witch Spells TRUTH!
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A spell, charm, hex or incantation is a set of words, spoken or unspoken (prayer). Casting
a spell is considered by its user to invoke a magical effect. This may include attracting
love, luck, health, wealth or hurting or killing an enemy. Some spells have been used for
protection, blessings and exorcisms.

In particular religions such as Wicca, some believe that spells will also have a return
effect on the person who cast it. “The Three Fold Law”, in short describes that when a
practitioner of magic sends out a positive or negative spell on a person, place or thing.
The same result will happen to him or her three fold.

Spells most often require a set of instructions to be followed with particular tools and
ingredients. This may include a sacred space or alter (which may be a blessed or
cleansed area), an athame (a bladed tool), incense, candles, oils, music, herbs and/or
idols that represent a particular subject (luck, love, death, etc.) In addition, the spell may
also require a certain time and place for the spell to be performed.

Spellcraft or spellcasting is the ability and power to cast and work spells. It is often used
to describe the rituals performed by witches, Wiccans, sorcerers, warlocks and
Neopagans. Such instances of spellcraft can require the use of various gemstones,
staves/scepters or other magical objects, herbs, incense, candles, colours for matching
the characteristics, meditation, chanting, astrology, and numerology. It is commonly used
in sorcery, wizardry and witchcraft.

Verbal spells are created through singing, humming, whispering or speaking. Reciting a
spell may have short verses or a long detailed description of the intended result, most
often seen as a rhyme. An example of a POSITIVE spell is seen here to attract love:

“Spirits of Earth, Spirits of Fire. Send to me, My heart’s Desire.”

Negative Spells use tools and ingredients that may require human/animal parts, poisons,
idols representing “evil” and/or other materials that the particular spell asks for.

Some spells, positive or negative do require a sacrifice. In ancient times, this usually
consists of expelling the life of a person or animal as a gift to a particular God or Deity.
But most often, both ancient and modern day practitioners believe that fresh blood is the
ultimate gift or offering to make the spell a success.

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