Crazy Girlfriend Badly Scratches Boyfriend In Fight Over A Blanket (Photos)

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When a relationship falls apart, you often find yourselves screaming and fighting about the most minute things. In the case of this Florida couple, she just couldn’t let her boyfriend have the duvet off their bed.

After having a fight last Tuesday, Emma Campbell’s boyfriend, Alexander McCall, went to sleep on the couch.

McCall fought with his girlfriend over what temperature to keep the air conditioning and who would get to bunk down with the comforter from the bed.

When McCall pulled the blanket over him, he allegedly woke to Campbell’s fingernails tearing it, and quite a bit of his skin, away.

In the midst of the fight, McCall sustained more deep, long scratches on his chest, back and thigh. When police arrived around 4:15 am, Campbell had reportedly been screaming outside their apartment for 15 minutes.

McCall told police that after Campbell scratched him and he pushed her to the ground, he left home with her cellphone just to be “annoying.”

Police report that the woman appeared uninjured, although Campbell originally claimed McCall had split her lip and kicked her.

Campbell was taken to Volusia County Jail, where police charged her with battery. She’s since been released on her own recognizance.



H/T: Opposing Views, Photos Courtesy: Deland Police Department 

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