Take A Guess What Some Guy Did With This Tree. Then Click Here And Be Blown Away.

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It all started with a big tree stump. This tree was being cut down due to a beetle infestation, but the owners of the property didn’t want to waste it. So, this professional woodcarver used a chainsaw, grinder and chisels to transform that dead stump into something absolutely beautiful. Gil Watson is truly a master of his craft.

The carving had very simple beginnings. This is the tree stump that Gil used, it was a Red Bay Tree that was being cut down due to an ambrosia beetle infestation.

By using a chainsaw, he was able to remove a big section of wood that he didn’t want to be part of the piece.

Then, he began to get closer and closer to the shape he desired.

Soon, the dolphins and bait fish that he saw hidden in the stump began to emerge.

Every hour he worked on it left the stump more and more beautiful.

Instead of letting this tree be chopped up and wasted…

He transformed it into a beautiful addition to this Palm Harbor property.

Once the carving was fully stained, it showed depth.

Somehow, he was able to make these animals look alive.

This is the kind of work that takes true talent.

Being able to see such beauty in a solid piece of wood is a talent many wish they had (I know I do). Without Gil, the beautiful section of wood would have gone to waste. Now, it’s a unique landmark that will be on this property for years. Source: Gil Watson via Reddit Share his work with others, it’s gorgeous. Not many people can carve like this.

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